Ab März 2020 werde ich nur noch alleine in meiner Praxis am Leonhardsgraben 34 tätig sein.
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Die delegierte Psychotherapie, welche ich 8 Jahre lang mit der GAP Praxis geführt habe, beende ich. GAP schliesst am 29.2.2020.
Die Psychologinnen verteilen sich auf andere Praxen.

Danke für die Kenntnisnahme.
Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler

The Red Garage


The soul: sometimes it drives one crazy, sometimes it encounters conflict, at other times it lets everything come through totally unfiltered, it becomes weak, fragile or retreats entirely - and nonetheless it is my motor, a motor without which nothing is achievable.

When I first arrived at Erstfeldstrasse a new world awaited me, uncertain but full of hope. The bright light in my room, the colors on the walls, but in particular the atmosphere that dominates here makes me feel good. I experience a cordiality that helps me to develop, to identify hindrances and to master my fears with the guidance and support of a motivated team that wants the best for me.

When I come back to the Erstfeldstrasse nowadays I know that I can feel good and spend time here full of trust of what awaits me when my soul needs help. Without maintenance of my most important motor it is difficult to be happy and successful in this world.

In spite of life's trials, this cordiality provides strength and hope - hope for recovery and new paths.

This fills me with deep gratitude.