Ab März 2020 werde ich nur noch alleine in meiner Praxis am Leonhardsgraben 34 tätig sein.
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Die delegierte Psychotherapie, welche ich 8 Jahre lang mit der GAP Praxis geführt habe, beende ich. GAP schliesst am 29.2.2020.
Die Psychologinnen verteilen sich auf andere Praxen.

Danke für die Kenntnisnahme.
Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler
Dr. med. Gabrielle Ziegler

Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler

Internal medicine FMH and Consulting Physician for Delegated Psychotherapy (KVT), Psychosomatic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Pain Therapy, ACT

At the age of 15 with my parents and my older brother I immigrated from Belgium to Basel.  After one year of schooling in Basel I performed my high school graduation (Abitur) at the European School in Karlsruhe, Germany.  (as before in Bruxelles, therefore able to speak many languages with ease).  I attended the Medical School of Basel and performed the Internship at the Basel University Hospital, specialising in cardiology.

After the birth of my first daughter, I switched to clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry (Roche), after the birth of the second daughter I opened my own contract research institute (the best solution for the difficult challenge of raising children as a single mother) and executed many phase II-IV clinical studies.

I performed my Psychotherapy training at the University of Basel in Cognitive  and Behavioral Therapy. I was the Senior Physician in the private Psychiatry Hospital Meissenberg in Zug and a Physician at the Psychiatriy outpatient Department at the Basel University Hospital at Petersgraben.

After residing and living in Belgium, Switzerland, Bavaria Germany, Canada and the French speaking part of Switzerland I happily returned to the humanistic cultural city of Basel to long-time friends and colleagues and an interesting well-rounded population.

The mastery of an active life, an unshakeable optimism from which among other things the truly greatest love of my life emerged, in spite of various omens suggesting the contrary! - the fascination for the wonders of the human body and soul and the love of all kinds of people of all kinds makes me a passionate physician and motivated professional healthcare therapist.

Through my long career in the "global industry" I have become very familiar with the life of people who are very active and engaged, often travel a lot and are often uprooted Expats. I am also familiar with the shame, in spite of all efforts and willingness to give one's best, then still to be overwhelmed an exhausted in the relentless 24/7 rhythm. Men who since decades undergo a difficult gender role and hesitate to open themselves and get support are especially welcome.

I am proud of my team composed of very motivated and talented employees who give their all and who enable our work as holistic psychotherapy: "Feeling-Thinking-Acting" with reason, soul and body.

I look forward to meeting you.

Therapy in German, English, French and Italian.


Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler
Internist FMH

Medical Psychotherapist
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (DAS)
Erstfeldstrasse 51A
CH-4054 Basel 

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