Ab März 2020 werde ich nur noch alleine in meiner Praxis am Leonhardsgraben 34 tätig sein.
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Die delegierte Psychotherapie, welche ich 8 Jahre lang mit der GAP Praxis geführt habe, beende ich. GAP schliesst am 29.2.2020.
Die Psychologinnen verteilen sich auf andere Praxen.

Danke für die Kenntnisnahme.
Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler

Everyone is familiar with crises.
Some people have never really felt good about themselves. Sadness, helplessness, loneliness, fear and aggression are the dominant feelings. Feelings always manifest themselves in some form of physical symptoms.

In order to to resolve disabling feelings one must first recognise them and learn to understand, accept and endure them. Psychotherapy provides professional support for people who would like to find their way back from a crisis to well-being. In GAP we work holistically and sustainably. We integrate the spirit, the rational mind, the soul and the body equally into the healing process.

Our Therapy uses reason, logic and experience which are the basics of 'cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is based on psychodynamics Schema Therapy (according to Jeffrey Young), Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP after J. McCullough), focusing on Buddhism and mindfulness-building Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT after SC Hayes) and with practical use of body therapy and role play. Drugs are used only sparingly.

Through this process the patient learns to understand his behavioral patterns, becomes aware of changes within himself, experiences success and hope and through this progress becomes able to persevere until his personal goal is reached. This also safeguards against potential relapses.